Thursday, October 13, 2011

First Post!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Feminists @ UVM blog! We have now ventured into the world of internet.

This was a good week for spreading awareness at UVM - Anita and Emily tabled in the sunny pathway outside the Davis Center, selling baked goods to raise money for the club's fund-raise account and asking passerby to fill out a one question survey ("A feminist is...______"). We can't wait to read all the answers and let you know what we heard! Everyone who filled out the survey was given a quarter sheet defining feminism (in pretty broad terms) and also had information about our meeting times. While this tabling event was going on, students nearby showed solidarity for the Occupy Wall street movement by holding a speak-out outside the library, and will continue to meet there at 1:00 pm daily as part of Occupy UVM.

Anita and Emily were also documented by the "Day in the Life" post by UVM communications here at 2:26 pm, and their pal Sydney was as well at 1:01 pm!

Hope we see you next Monday at 5:30 in the Women's Center!

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